The list of rules

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The list of rules

Post  Seb Jonnes on Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:17 pm

Here's a short list of simple rules to be followed:

Your account
When filling in your account details, please place an e-mail account you check regularily such as your uni account!
We would appreciate it if you used your own name or a nickname. Please avoid names such as 'Void_99'... If you are asked by an admin to change your name to something more acceptable, do so!

When typing, abreviations are fine... just keep it at a reasonable level!
English only please! And don't use offensive language!!
Finally, post only when you have something to say! Do NOT post if you're gonna type something like '...' or place a smiley for instance!

You'll find we're not too strict about things (unless you push it Twisted Evil ) so don't feel pressured and enjoy!
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